We pride ourselves on being the only manufacturer of 100% New Zealand made fencing wire, but what does that really mean?  

We source our steel billets from New Zealand Steel, who produce locally made steel at their Mill in Glenbrook. The pure virgin Ironsand used to make New Zealand Steel's billets provides an incredibly consistent steel input while retaining the ductility and tensile strengths we pride ourselves on.

Once on site the billets are rolled down to wire rod coils at our rolling mill which are then further processed at the wire mill in Otahuhu. Processing includes descaling, cleaning and galvanizing; with coils then 'payed off' in various coil sizes, from our 25kg coils right up to much larger coils for manufacturing wire.  

Once off our production lines, the coils are labeled, packaged and dispatched out to distributors and retailers nationwide.

Wire Making poster