WIREMARK® - A brand you can trust

WIREMARK® is the mark of quality which denotes wire that is New Zealand made, for our unique local conditions. Pacific Steel launched the WIREMARK® brand to enable merchants, farmers and fencing contractors to easily differentiate New Zealand made wire from imported wire. Only New Zealand made wire carries the WIREMARK® guarantee of quality.

Often accompanied by other leading local wire suppliers logos such as Cyclone or Hurricane wire; the WIREMARK® brand on coils identifies that the product has been manufactured by Pacific Steel at our plant in Otahuhu, Auckland.

Locally made steel products produced by Pacific Steel

Pacific Steel is New Zealand's only manufacturer of wire rod, reinforcing bar and wire coil products, with a production rate of around 250,000 tonnes per year of manufactured steel. Based in Otahuhu, Auckland, Pacific Steel has been manufacturing high quality reinforcing steel rod and bar products for over 50 years. 

Pacific Steel's SEISMIC® branded bar and coil products are made to meet New Zealand's unique seismic conditions and can be found in commercial, industrial, infrastructure and residential buildings nationwide. The unique SEISMIC® branding has been rolled into every Earthquake Grade 300E and 500E bar and coil to identify our product as the only 100% locally made product produced to local standards.

Alongside SEISMIC®, Pacific Steel also produces a range of manufactured zinc-aluminium galvanised wire. Our WIREMARK® branded fencing wire is the only 100% New Zealand made wire product The WIREMARK® brand has been tested and trusted by New Zealand’s fencing industry for over 50 years.


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    This year saw a father son rivalry a champions final and a surprise outcome another great year on the WIREMARK®Golden Pliers fence line for Fieldays 2016.

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