New Zealand Standards pertaining to coated wire will undergo revisions/amendments from time to time. Here we provide links and a summary to the updated revisions or amendments. 

NZS 3471:1974 - Specification for Galvanised Steel Fencing Wire

As the only 100% New Zealand made fencing wire manufacturer, Pacific Steel have over 50 years’ experience in producing a high quality product developed for our local market. Our wire is based on the 1974 fence wire Standard (NZS 3471:1974), which covers pure zinc coatings. Pacific Steel have since incorporate an improved alloy coating system for all our WIREMARK® wire.

WIREMARK® zinc-aluminium fencing wires are coated utilising 95% zinc and 5% aluminium alloy coating. The zinc-aluminium alloy improves upon the renowned protection of hot-dip galvanised coatings, with the aluminium component enhancing the anticorrosion performance of the coating by making it more weather resilient.

The grey oxide layer formed on zinc-aluminium coated wire is more durable than the softer, white layer formed on pure zinc. This oxide layer itself acts as a barrier, slowing corrosion of the zinc-aluminium alloy.

Independent research company, Materials Innovations, have conducted testing of various coatings with the performance of galvanised wire and zinc-aluminium alloy wire showing that galvanised coating corroded at about four times the rate of the zinc-aluminium wire in salt spray tests.

AS/NZS 4534:2006 - Zinc and zinc/aluminium-alloy coatings on steel wire

Published in 1998, and revised in 2006, the AS/NZS 4534 Standard specifies the requirements for zinc and zinc/aluminium-alloy coatings on steel wire and fabricated wire products.

All our zinc-aluminium wire, including WIREMARK® fencing wire, is manufactured to meet this joint Standard.

Information contained on this page is current as of July 2016.
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