24 May 2017

The premier fencing competition in the country; the WIREMARK® Golden Pliers® features world leading competitors going head to head to decide who will be crowned the 2017 Champion.

Join us on June 15th to witness the unique and gruelling sport of competitive fencing that unites precision with speed as we crown the next Golden Pliers champion.

To qualify, fencers from around the country feature in heats prior to the finals event. The top 8 competitors are then selected to compete in Thursday’s final; qualification alone is noteworthy given the extraordinary calibre of competitors each year.  Those swift and skilful enough to qualify then find themselves shoulder-width apart from 7 of the country’s premier fencing competitors.  The task before them: a 50m long, 9 wire fence with posts, strainers, stays, and batons.  The completed line must be assembled within 7 hours all while the safety of erection, time taken, and quality of finish are being scrutinised.  At the end of it all, the judge’s records separate worthy contenders from the undisputed fencing champion, often by margins of less than 1-2 points.

In the 48th year of the event, the rich history of the competitions is not lost on the competitors.  “The standard of Golden Pliers fencing is now so high that the naked eye cannot pick the winning line.  This is a testament to the skill of the eight finalists. Only a spirit level and a measuring tape can pick the differences." - Nick Liefting Golden Pliers book 2016.


The competitions held at the National Fieldays also include three other events such as the novice competitions, national doubles and a plate round final. This year's events are listed below.

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