01 October 0016

In October 2015 the Otahuhu based Steel Plant produced its last ever billet.  The final billet marked over 50 years of steel production on site and whilst it was sad to see the legacy of this plant become confined to the history books, the occasion also marked a new chapter in our country's steel making future.  With the closure of one plant the commissioning of another was also completed.  

The $60,000,000 investment into a brand new Billet Castor based at the New Zealand Steel site in Glenbrook provided our company the opportunity to move slab casting into the 21st century. The four strand castor would not be using Recycled Steel as did the old plant at Otahuhu, rather, the Glenbrook based castor utilizes Pure Virgin Steel from the iron-sands of the west cost beaches.  This pure source material has allowed for greater process control across the product range providing a more consistent product for our customers.