Why guess, when you can Fence the Proven Way

Exactly what make a best practice fence may be a question that will long be up for discussion amongst farmers and fencing contractors.  But to answer the question for most general inquiries, WIREMARK® put together Fencing the Proven Way.

This handy little booklet is your one stop shop for most fencing questions, tips and tricks.  From choosing the right materials to footing strainers, tying knots and understanding recommended tensions and breaking loads this booklet should put you on your way to better fencing with WIREMARK Wire.

For your very own Hard Copy Booklet or DVD please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll have one sent right out.



If you're after some more hands on tuition, the Fencing Contractors Association of New Zealand (FCANZ) run a number of association days each year.  These days are a great way to learn the right way first hand, contact FCANZ for more information.

Or, if you want to get the job done right first time, hiring a contractor is an excellent solution to quick, easy, and high quality fences no matter where you are.  See the FCANZ database for your nearest contractor.