What is the WIREMARK?
The WIREMARK is the only mark of quality which denotes wire that has been New Zealand made, for unique local conditions. Pacific Wire launched the WIREMARK to enable merchants, farmers and fencing contractors to easily differentiate New Zealand made wire from imported wire. Only New Zealand made wire carries the WIREMARK guarantee of quality. You may have seen this quality mark on fencing coils at your local rural store.


Identifying WIREMARK Products

WIREMARK products can easily be identified by a WIREMARK label which is attached to every coil of fence wire produced by Pacific Wire. WIREMARK branded wire is sold and distributed through New Zealand’s leading brands, including Fletcher Building's Cyclone and Steel and Tube's Hurricane, as well as other New Zealand distributors of fencing wire products. Farmers, growers and fencing contractors are encouraged to ask for WIREMARK fencing wire by name at their local merchant.



The WIREMARK Commitment

Proudly NZ owned and operated, Pacific Wire we have been manufacturing fencing wire for over 45 years and we are committed to quality. To help consumers to easily identify quality, we introduced the WIREMARK quality assurance mark.
All wires carrying the WIREMARK label are made from the finest grades of metal and world class manufacturing processes ensuring ductility, durability and ease of handling. WIREMARK wire is performance tested for strength and ductility and all WIREMARK wires are coated to the coating standard AS/NZ S 4534.

For you, the user of WIREMARK wire the WIREMARK means

  • A premium wire that pays off freely from the jenny ensuring no time consuming tangles half way down the fence line
  • A premium longer lasting wire that will stand the test of time
  • A premium wire that is easy to use. The ductility of Wiremark endorsed wire makes it easy to join wires and tie off
  • A premium wire performance tested to withstand stock pressures and corrosive fertiliser agents
  • A premium wire made by Pacific Wire with over 45 years manufacturing experience

    We stand behind our product. If we believe that you have reasonable cause for complaint as to the quality or performance of anyWIREMARK wire, now or at any time in the future, then we will put it right.
Phone 0800 WIREMARK 0800 947362 for the sales and marketing team.